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Initial registration must start on the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Website.

Before taking the exam below, please be sure you have read and understood the technology requirements as well as the proctoring rules before taking your exam. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in retaking the exam and payment of any associated fees.

Technology Requirements:

Please be sure you read the Technical Specifications thoroughly before attempting your exams.

  • DO use a desktop or laptop Windows (Windows 10+) or Apple/Mac computer (OS 10.15+).
  • DON'T use a Chromebook or mobile device (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc.)
  • DO check to be sure your computer operating software is up to date.
  • DO check to be sure you're using an updated version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • DO disable pop-ups as they may disconnect you from your exam for security purposes.
  • DO shut down your computer and restart before entering the exam and DO NOT OPEN OTHER APPLICATIONS on your computer other than this exam.
  • DON'T have any other programs running on your computer, this can affect your computer stability.
  • DO have at least 2 GB free RAM on your computer.
  • DO have an internet speed of 1-megabit per second (Mbps) for Upload speed and 2-megabits per second (Mbps) for download speed.
  • DON'T use tethering, hotspots, VPN or cellular for your internet connection.
  • DO have a working webcam and microphone.

Proctoring Requirements:

  • Your exam session will be recorded, monitored, and reviewed. Any cheating or assistance from others will NOT be tolerated. If it's determined that you received any type of assistance or cheated in any way, your exam results for all
    exams taken during that session may be invalid and exam fees forfeited.
  • This exam is a CLOSED BOOK exam - no outside reference materials are allowed. Any use of calculators, notes, dictionaries, or other reference materials not provided to you within the exam session is strictly prohibited.
  • Mobile devices, such as cell phones, CANNOT be in the room.
  • Candidates must use ONLY the on-screen resources (if indicated by the state):
    • An online calculator will be available within the exam.
    • A digital whiteboard will be available within the exam to use as 'scrap paper'.
  • DON'T shut off or block your camera or microphone during your entire exam. Failure to maintain a working webcam and mic or blocking such devices will terminate your exam session and /or disqualify you from the exam. Once the exam
    begins, you must remain facing toward the webcam for the duration of your exam session. You must monitor your webcam video feed using the Exam Quiz Tools. The Quiz Tools include a view magnifier, calculator, and your webcam video feed. This view
    of your webcam video feed is what the Exam Proctor also sees, and if for any reason, you cannot see yourself clearly or if your webcam video feed goes dark, then you must correct this issue immediately! Any scenario where the Quiz Tools webcam
    goes dark or where you are no longer in view is grounds for disqualification.
  • Smart watches CANNOT be in the room.
  • DON'T use headphones or earbuds.
  • It is strongly encouraged to remove head-wear that may block the view of the tester’s face and/or eyes and prevent proctoring.
  • DO remain facing towards the webcam for the duration of your exam session so your entire face, eyes, and mouth are visible.
  • DO choose a quiet area for your exam that is free of distraction or other people
  • DO have a government-issued ID (driver's license, etc.) ready. It will be required to be clearly visible on the webcam before taking the exam.